Daily Log

How to use the daily log

  • Click on the daily log button
  • Click on the day you want: today or yesterday
  • Complete the questions
  • You can update your responses until midnight the next day
  • Complete 15 daily logs during consecutive days and earn your silver and gold medal.

What is a daily log?

A daily log entry is very short (it only takes 30 seconds a day!) and we ask:

  • What did you do that day
  • If you used any protective measures against ticks
  • If you found any ticks

We use this information to determine what activities and prevention measures change your tick encounter risk.

What if I found a tick?

If you found a tick on yourself the daily log will allow you to complete a report on one tick immediately.

If you found more than one tick on yourself or if you found a tick on a household member or a pet you can complete a tick report in Report-a-Tick.