Report a Tick

How to use Report-a-Tick?

You can report a tick in Report-a-Tick at any time and for as many tick as you find.

You need to complete a new report for each tick you find.

  • Click on the Report-a-tick button
  • Complete the questions
  • Hit the submit button and your tick report is submitted

What is Report-a-Tick

In the Report a Tick section you will find a short form and we ask:

  • Who had the tick
  • Where do you think you were when you picked up the tick
  • What you think you were doing when you picked up the tick
  • Which tick do you think it was
  • To take a picture of the tick if you still have it.

We use this information to determine what activities and prevention measures are associated with black-legged tick / deer tick encounters.

Can I send my tick in for pathogen testing?

We do not offer pathogen testing services. You can find institutions that will test your tick for you here.