How to remove a tick

Found a tick? Remove it!

The longer a tick is attached the more chance it has to transmit a pathogen. There are several methods to remove a tick. Here we show the most popular ones. Swipe the screen to learn about the different methods.  

After removing the tick, disinfect the bite and make a note in your calendar or fill in a tick report.

Removing a tick: fine point tweezers

Use fine point tweezers, grab the head of the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull the tick out slowly.

Removing a tick: Twister method

This method uses a simple device that has a slot that lies flat against the skin. You put the tick in the slot and twist it several times to remove the tick.

Removing a tick: Lasso method

Using a lasso tool, loop the lasso around the tick close to the skin, where it’s attached. Then pull the ends of the string tight and pull the tick out. This device functions like a retractable pen with a lasso on the end.

When removing a tick:

  • DO NOT ‘suffocate’ the tick (for example by putting vaseline on the tick)
  • DO NOT squeeze the body of the tick
  • DO NOT put alcohol or nail polish remover on the tick
  • DO NOT put a hot match or cigarette on the tick in an effort to make it “back out.”

These methods do not work, can cause skin irritation and may increase the likelihood the tick transmits disease agents to you.