Everybody in Wisconsin is welcome to use the Tick App and if you want to see more of the Wisconsin Tick Team, you might find us in State Parks, Chequamegon National Forest, Madison, Eau Claire or around the Wisconsin Dells. If you want to know more about the Wisconsin Tick Team, google “Wisconsin Ticks” and visit the Wisconsin Medical Entomology Website.

The Tick App helps us better understand your tick encounters, where you picked them up, what you were doing, what species of tick it was and which prevention method might make a difference. The goal is to reduce risky tick encounters. You can already protect yourself by using personal prevention methods against ticks and/or interventions in your yard (see Tick Bite Prevention).


Backyard tick control

This year we are visiting suburban neighborhoods in or near woods and parks to test if a common lawn control product reduces the number of ticks in the treated area of the yard. We invited homes in neighborhoods near the Wisconsin Dells and in Eau Claire.

Inclusion criteria for the home:

  • Your home needs to have a yard (lawn) next to a park, woodlot, or a group of trees.
  • The lawn should not be treated with other insect / tick control products (if you do / did, please let us know).
  • The lawn – tree edge should be at least 30 yds., this could be two homes combined.
  • You allow us to visit your yard three times between May and July.

If you want to know more about this study or you are a member of neighborhood association that would like to get involved in the research (we need at least 40 homes per neighborhood), please email tickteam @ wisc.edu.

The study plan can be found here.

Find the Wisconsin Tick Team at events:

We will be joining several outdoor festivals, fairs and outreach events. You can recognize us by our Midwest Center of Excellence for Vector-borne Disease or Tick App t-shirts and a never ending supply of Wisconsin tick information! We are looking forward to seeing you this summer and thank you for using the Tick App!